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Mountain Trike MT Push All Terrain Wheelchair

Mountain Trike’s MT Push is a buddy/attendant chair and provides inclusive access as it has the ability to easily be pushed over a wide variety of terrain.

The MT Push has an adjustable push handle located behind the rider, which is where the steering and braking take place by the rider’s buddy. This trike doesn’t have a unique lever drive system where riders can propel themselves but the drive levers have been replaced with adjustable armrests for rider comfort and ease of use and manoeuvrability for the person pushing.

The MT Push has all the same features and rugged good looks of the lever drive Mountain Trike, but without the need to self-propel – the MT Push comes with a built-in push handle so you can be pushed in style. Customers find it ideal for country walks with family and friends, city breaks, strolls along the beach, and even muddy music festivals! The MT Push is the perfect partnership for both the rider and person pushing – providing comfort, safety and ease of use – so everyone can have fun exploring.

If at any point your circumstances change, it is also possible to convert the MT Push to the lever drive Mountain Trike giving the rider the option to self-propel at a later point.

The Mountain Trike range offers great flexibility with a range of options including the eTrike, ePush Chair and lever drive Mountain Trike. The unique design means that the one frame can be adapted to suit a child, and the trike can grow with them into adulthood, making it a great long-term purchase.

This product comes with a 3-year warranty and a wide selection of colour choices.

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