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Mountain Trike MT ePush All Terrain Wheelchair

Mountain Trike’s buddy/attendant chair with electric assist, providing the pusher with electric assist to enable them to tackle more challenging terrain, steeper hills and adventure together.

The ePush has been developed based on user feedback, offering the same capabilities as the standard MT Push which is highly capable to travel off road, up and down hills, easily manoeuvrable for the pusher and extremely comfortable for the rider.

The electric assist has been designed with the pusher in mind to help remove the effort required to push but the rider will also benefit as they can explore and adventure further together to enjoy more outdoor places.

Using the same well proven rear motor wheel system used in the eTrike, but adapted to have the controls on the push handle for the attendant to use. The chair can be pushed manually and when required it can easily be switched to the electric power assist mode. The distance range will depend on conditions, user weight, speed and terrain, but as a rough guide distances of between 12 to 32 kilometres can be covered using the electric assist mode.

As with all the MT terrain wheelchair products the ePush is robust and provides a comfortable ride thanks to mountain bike air suspension, hydraulic brakes and aluminium frame. Lightweight and practical it can be folded for transport in a vehicle. Adaptable, flexible seating and various accessories are available to suit individual needs.

The ePush is available as a complete new model or a retrofitted eKit is available suitable for any existing MT Push owners, making it more affordable for those wanting to upgrade.

This product comes with 3-year warranty and a wide selection of colour choices. The eKit battery comes with a 12 month warranty.

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